12+ Months: The Good, Bad & Lovely

Since Bauzley's first birthday, we have been living in a season of change.  Every day he is developing new habits, skills and a huge personality!  Our little babe is turning into a toddler, way to quickly. I would be lying if I said it wasn't the most difficult phase we have experienced since becoming parents. … Continue reading 12+ Months: The Good, Bad & Lovely

Caesar Drink Kit

This year for Father's Day, I wanted to surprise James with something he wouldn't be expecting.  He is the king of buying whatever he wants for himself and leaving nothing for me to give him... I think that may be a common dad-trait from what I've heard lol. Now despite how much I love handmade … Continue reading Caesar Drink Kit

Mudcloth Inspired Planters

Hey guys! I have been crushing on mudcloth for a long time now and I really felt the need to incorporate it into my home, but hadn't found the right spot.  I had a few herbs sitting on the window sill above the kitchen sink that were getting too much sun, but the only other … Continue reading Mudcloth Inspired Planters

The Hospital Bag I Wish I Would Have Packed

When I was pregnant with Bauz, I scoured Pinterest looking for 'hospital bag essential' lists.  It turns out that trying to pack your hospital bag is comparable to trying to pack for a trip you don't know the destination of!  When you're a first time mom it is SO hard to know what you are … Continue reading The Hospital Bag I Wish I Would Have Packed