The Hospital Bag I Wish I Would Have Packed

When I was pregnant with Bauz, I scoured Pinterest looking for 'hospital bag essential' lists.  It turns out that trying to pack your hospital bag is comparable to trying to pack for a trip you don't know the destination of!  When you're a first time mom it is SO hard to know what you are … Continue reading The Hospital Bag I Wish I Would Have Packed

Life Update: Month of Milestones

I've said it before and I'm sure I will say it again.  Parenthood is SO humbling.  This last month has been an emotional roller coaster... very similar to Bauzley's mood after 5pm every day.  We started the month off anticipating Bauz's first birthday.  I had NO IDEA I would want to cry every single time … Continue reading Life Update: Month of Milestones

Bauzley’s First Birthday

Wow guys, we have a one year old!  It makes me kind of sad to type that and really proud that we all survived the first year.  Everyone says it's the hardest, so I'm holding you all to it- this next year better be smooth like butter! Originally for Bauz's birthday we had planned on … Continue reading Bauzley’s First Birthday

Bauzley’s Birth Story

With Bauzley's first birthday approaching, I felt like it was time to finally share our birth story with everyone.  It's funny how even after a year I can so vividly remember the days leading up to his birth and the weeks that followed.  Everyone says that when you're in labour, it all becomes a blur.  … Continue reading Bauzley’s Birth Story