Ladybug Release


This week while I was on a mission to solve an aphid problem in my flower bed we ended up doing a really fun toddler activity- a ladybug release!  We have two virginia creepers which are large vines, they grow pretty fast and climb over whatever they are placed against. Last year we ended up having to cut them back (which you aren’t supposed to do) as the bugs had killed them in a matter of a few days! It was so disappointing because they had really started to spread out and provide coverage over our garage and our pergola that covers the back deck.  This year as soon as they started to sprout, the bugs got them quickly and they were already starting to look sick.  Since we have two dogs and Bauzley I didn’t want to use any pesticides and while I complained about it (lol) my aunt had the idea to use ladybugs to take care of the aphids.



I went to Braheid Gardens (which stocks them now for all you local friends) and bought two bags- which is 500 ladybugs.  The packaging is too cute, there’s a little window in the bag that Bauz was able to watch the lady bugs through while they came out of dormancy. Once we opened the bags Bauz was happy to look but had no desire to get too close, he squealed and ran as fast as those little legs would go lol!

IMG_3606IMG_3577Despite him being a little freaked out, I think it was a really fun activity that we’ll do every year until he’s older.  I will probably get them earlier in the season to help prevent any plants getting aphids again and I love how natural it is!  I will let you know how they work once we (hopefully) see results.


Is this something you guys would try with your littles? Let me know if you do, I would love to see photos!

xo, Rita

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