12+ Months: The Good, Bad & Lovely


Since Bauzley’s first birthday, we have been living in a season of change.  Every day he is developing new habits, skills and a huge personality!  Our little babe is turning into a toddler, way to quickly. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t the most difficult phase we have experienced since becoming parents.  Along with all the changes has come some social anxiety and the biggest mama’s boy you will ever meet.  I’m talking, sit on your lap while you pee kind of cling! TMI? Probably, but that’s my life right now guys.  It’s been overwhelming and messy but all kinds of wonderful too!  Here are a few things I know I’m going to want to remember about this stage. ❤

1 .  We have been working on naming and recognizing all the different facial features. Now that he has mastered nose, eyes and ears,  I often find him with a finger up a dog’s nostril shouting, “NOOOOOOO (nose), AHHHHHHH (eye), EEEEEERRRR (ear)!” faster that I can say stop! And though I am not sure I can possibly say be gentle any more times during the day, I want to remember just how much he loves our dogs.  To him, they’re the bees knees and 90% of his voice is used exclusively for barking.

unnamed (26)

2 .  Turning one brought a lot of belly laughs followed by a meltdown interrupted by a belly laugh.  James always jokes that once 5pm comes we are all aboard the emotional roller coaster that is bedtime and it really couldn’t be more accurate.  If you choose not to be fascinated by it, you will surely lose your mind!  So be fascinated, children are so full of love and passion it is amazing to watch.  When Bauz is having a tantrum I have to take a step back, regroup and figure out how to redirect his attention- lately that looks like doing an exceptionally dramatic jump or giving eskimo kisses.

3 .  Our biggest source of… let’s call it… ‘passion’ always comes from the kitchen.  I think we may have a little chef on our hands.  You better believe if you don’t find a job for Bauz to do or food for him to mix, there is no way he will allow for supper to be cooked.  Thanks to my little helper, I spent longer picking egg shells out of quiche last week then we did actually making the quiche!  There are days I pray he will watch the tv for 15 minutes so I can throw something together uninterrupted but it never happens and you can’t hold a grudge with a toddler walking towards you saying, ” MMMM, MMMM, MMMM”.  He went through about a week where he consistently tried to pull open the oven, it gave me a heart attack every. single. time.  Finally, I thought to turn on the light, and now he squats in front and watches the food cook saying “Hot, mama, mmmm, mama, hot!”. My mom always says he’s a live to eat kinda guy and not an eat to live kind of person and she couldn’t be more right.  I hope he keeps his passion for food and trying new things.  It took me 23 years to eat a healthy balance and at 16 months his favourite foods are tomatoes, onions, guacamole, cookies, fruit and after today I’m pretty sure edamame beans are right up there too!

unnamed (27)

4 .  I’m not sure if my back or hips will ever be straight again because I really did make a velcro baby.  I set him down and he’s back on my hip before I even realize I’ve picked him up again.  But you guys, I am telling you right now if I had to choose between a sore back and a babe that never wanted to snuggle it is the sore back all the damn way!  He is the most loving little guy in the world.  And although I know bed sharing isn’t for every one, he still spends a good chunk of the night in our bed and I will never, I repeat never get tired of waking up to his toothy little smile and his morning giggles.  I know these moments will become fleeting and I dread that day!

5 .  The last thing that has become such a fun hobby for both of us is gardening.  I have such fun memories of gardening with both of my parents that I was determined to make something grow this year so Bauz would have that same experience! Though not everything is uhm, thriving lol there are flowers in the dirt and we have a great time watering and praying for them ha! As soon as we go outside Bauzley picks up the hose and imitates the sound of the water spraying to help feed the flowers.  He has all his own little tools and watering cans and if we skip a day outside, our day really doesn’t feel complete!


I know that reading about the highlights of a little persons life isn’t thrilling for some people but it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever been able to do.  And in the season of tantrums, teething and attitude it feels really important to take a step back and reflect on the beauty of our every day life together.  James and I are really, really proud parents and hopefully someday this will be a fun journal for Bauz to look back on!


xo, Rita

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