Caesar Drink Kit

This year for Father’s Day, I wanted to surprise James with something he wouldn’t be expecting.  He is the king of buying whatever he wants for himself and leaving nothing for me to give him… I think that may be a common dad-trait from what I’ve heard lol. Now despite how much I love handmade items, they are not always James’ favourite.  I tried to find a happy medium and create a gift that was masculine, fun and he could enjoy with friends.  Summer is the season of entertaining, am I right?!

unnamed (19)

I’ve been seeing elaborate Caesars posted all over social media since summer arrived and although I am not a huge fan, James loves them.  Anyone that has kids knows that it’s not quite as simple as just popping out to try fun foods like that anymore.  I thought it would be fun to ask around for peoples favourite toppings and flavours and basket it up so we could create out own (or his own lol) at home!

I included a few different mix options, there’s the craft caesar mix that you can see above, I did hear it was tasty but I also loved the packaging too much to pass up LOL- probably something that James will not care about at all 😀 . I found a dill pickle vodka that is supposed to be too die for in caesars and included a regular bottle just in case he didn’t like it.

unnamed (18)

I got lots of great suggestions, so I have various pickles, asparagus, pepperocinis and other toppings to add to skewers and top the drinks with.  There are a couple refrigerated items that I didn’t include in pictures as the basket was already overflowing- they are pepperoni sticks, shrimp and we will make chicken fingers and wings with it. Not healthy, but delicious!

We didn’t have any suitable cocktail glasses for Caesars, so I included glasses, celery salt to rim them and of course the skewers to thread everything on.  There should be something for everyone!

This gift required minimal effort but hopefully will give us a few nights of fun with friends, and there’s really nothing better than that!  This would also double as a really thoughtful housewarming gift!  I am excited for James to test it out and you can expect some photos when he does!

xo, Rita

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