Mudcloth Inspired Planters

Hey guys!

I have been crushing on mudcloth for a long time now and I really felt the need to incorporate it into my home, but hadn’t found the right spot.  I had a few herbs sitting on the window sill above the kitchen sink that were getting too much sun, but the only other spot that made sense to put them was on the kitchen table.  I loved the idea of having a low maintenance tablescape during the summer but didn’t love the plain terracotta pots they were in. Enter mudcloth!  I had some paint from another recent project so this was completely free.  If you needed to purchase the supplies it wouldn’t cost more than $15!  I don’t think this post can really be considered a DIY post because I’m not teaching you how to do anything lol- rather I am sharing my inspiration.

I found these images herehere, and here.


unnamed (3)


unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)unnamed (7)unnamed (5)

These planters were so quick and easy to make.  I love how they turned out and think I might add some larger ones on our patio outside!  Also, please pray for the basil… I want to be a plant lady, but I have a long history as a plant killer!

unnamed (4)unnamed (6)

Use this image to pin on social media! ❤

unnamed (8)

Let me know if you guys give this project a try!

xo, Rita

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