Life Update: Month of Milestones

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I will say it again.  Parenthood is SO humbling.  This last month has been an emotional roller coaster… very similar to Bauzley’s mood after 5pm every day.  We started the month off anticipating Bauz’s first birthday.  I had NO IDEA I would want to cry every single time I thought about him getting older.  So, the end of February and start of March were both a total write off because I was a sobbing fool!

I then broke the number one rule of cold and flu season… I said OUT LOUD that we had been really lucky and hadn’t caught anything.  Someone please tell me what I was thinking!  That same night, I woke up at  4am to Bauzley burning up.  It has taken all month and a round of antibiotics to finally get us up and out of the house.  Needless to say, we were (are) tired.  Not like an I stayed up too late tired, but more like the bone marrow has been sucked out of our bones (as my mom might say).

I’ve spent a lot of time in a messy house, with messy hair and laundry piles that stand taller than Bauzley this month.  And to be perfectly honest, I was feeling pretty discouraged by mid March.  When you’re sleep deprived and spend all day watching your baby upset and sick, it is so hard to remember that this too shall pass.  BUT, it did and wonderful things started to happen!

We opened the windows last week and let the sun and fresh air (HALLELUJAH!) stream into our living room.  Paw Patrol played in the background while Bauz practiced standing on his own.  As I cheered him on, I noticed him do this funny little wiggle.  Then out came the head bobbing and a goofy smile.  Because when the paw paw boogie plays, YOU DANCE! For anyone who is thinking paw paw boogie, consider yourself at least mildly blessed!  Naturally, I’ve been singing it at every opportunity since in hopes he will dance! No shame here.  THEN, he started singing.  I’d say we are equally talented.  You can find me over here quietly holding out hope that he got the genetics of his more musically inclined family members. 🙏

Later that week, Bauz sat on my lap while we worked on petting Bubba Gump gently.  I asked him if he loved Bubba, his only response was enthusiastic petting… much different than the gentle style I was going for. 🙈  I told him to tell Bubba that he loves him, and I repeated I love you Bubba over and over.  All the sudden, out came,


Four times! And I’m telling you guys, I really thought it was a fluke the first time.  But nope! Three more magical “I love you bubbas” flew out of his mouth.  I had ALL the feels.  When I thought it couldn’t possibly get better, a few days later he learned how to fake sneeze.  Now, I have a parrot every single time I sneeze, as does Bubba.

After a month of long nights and equally long days, this week of such fun(ny) developments was what we both needed! Mostly me, but I do think he enjoys his new status as a triple threat!💃

I’ve attached videos for your viewing pleasure!

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