Bauzley’s First Birthday


Wow guys, we have a one year old!  It makes me kind of sad to type that and really proud that we all survived the first year.  Everyone says it’s the hardest, so I’m holding you all to it- this next year better be smooth like butter!


Originally for Bauz’s birthday we had planned on having a pancake party with all of his baby buddies and throwing a big ol’ celebration. About 3 days before the party he came down with a nasty cold and day by day it’s (still) been getting worse, so we opted to cancel it.  Of course I still wanted it to be special for him, so we had a small celebration at home and he loved every minute of it!


While we were preparing the day before, Bauz was definitely feeling under the weather.  In baby language, that means he was attached to me like glue.  So, while I used one arm to ice his cake, he watched delighted in the other.  All the sudden, SMASH, he throws all his weight behind getting his sticky little  hand right in the middle of all my hard work! He didn’t waste any time licking all the icing off his hand and then shrieking for more.  I think it’s safe to say he’s an expert at eating icing right out of the tube now. This further solidified me thinking he would love doing his cake smash- I was right!  As soon as we lit the candle on his cake he had both arms up, trying to will me to bring it to him immediately.

He. Was. Thrilled!

Since we didn’t get to share his special day with very many people, I thought we’d share 10 fun facts about Bauz with everyone here:

  1. He loves to be outdoors, watching trees blow in the wind and talking to birds.
  2. His eyes are actually a greenish-hazel, not brown like everyone thinks!
  3. The dogs are his best friends in the world, he would love to harass them all day long, every day.
  4. His favourite toys are my kitchen spatulas, whisks, pots and pans.  He also loves cars, trucks and balls.
  5. He has 7 teeth and two that keep popping through and going back down.
  6. He waves, hi-fives, plays peekaboo, kisses and points his finger like it’s his job.
  7. He says mama, more, bubba and sometimes dada.
  8. His goal in life appears to be flushing a golf ball down the toilet, luckily he hasn’t accomplished this yet. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!
  9. He loves to give kisses and hates to have his face wiped.
  10. His favourite foods are tomatoes, bananas, blueberries, raspberries and oreos.  But the list truly does go on, this kid eats anything and everything.

We let Bauz start with the cake and moved onto dinner after- mom of the year?  Just kidding, I REALLY wanted to watch him eat the cake, it was pretty much the cutest thing in the world.  For his cake, I used and old family recipe (new post coming soon) and it is to die for.  Unfortunately, I ran out of energy and he ran out of patience so the rest of us got box cake #sorryguests.


Wanting to keep dinner simple (but tasty!) and easy to accommodate different dietary needs and preferences, we served nachos.  They are so easy to enjoy dairy free or vegan that it was a no brainer.  For the meat lovers at the party, I coat chicken in Italian seasoning and pan fry it, then dice it and throw it on top of the nachos with tomatoes and cheese.  For those of us who are dairy free, Aimee came up with hands down THE BEST cheeseless nacho dip that has ever graced this planet and best of all it is guilt free.   Hopefully she will let me share her recipe with all of you soon!  We also serve our nachos with refried beans, guacamole, salsa and of course some tasty drinks.


All in all, our day was a great celebration of Bauzley’s life thus far.  Time really is a thief, and a year feels like it only took moments to pass us by.  Bauz has taught us both James and I so many lessons.  But the thing I am most grateful for is our newfound ability to slow down.  Looking through the eyes of your child truly is magical, and because of that we marvel at things we wouldn’t have noticed before.  We take time to dance and sing and play. Our days are filled with love and a passion for life that we often forget as we grow older and we are thankful. Really, really thankful. ❤

All of these beautiful photos were taken by Aimee with Olive You Portraits. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram, she’s amazing!

If anyone is interested in writing Bauzley birthday wishes or any wishes for that matter, feel free to contact me.  We have an email for us to send thoughts, letters and pictures to as he grows and would love for other people to partake in it with us.  ❤

One thought on “Bauzley’s First Birthday

  1. Paula says:

    OMGosh!! AMAZING Rita! Pictures are beautiful and simply capture the beauty of this most special day! Hugs to you ALL especially your now ONE year old!!❤ My how time flys!

    Liked by 1 person

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