Banana Bread Recipe

Ok guys, I have to be perfectly honest about two things: There is a serious lack of photos on this post and by serious lack, I mean the one above is the only one. Baking with an almost (OMG!) one year old is a very humbling experience.  By the time Bauzley had not only dumped … Continue reading Banana Bread Recipe

Bauzley’s Birth Story

With Bauzley's first birthday approaching, I felt like it was time to finally share our birth story with everyone.  It's funny how even after a year I can so vividly remember the days leading up to his birth and the weeks that followed.  Everyone says that when you're in labour, it all becomes a blur.  … Continue reading Bauzley’s Birth Story

Homemade Bath Bombs

I have a serious love hate relationship with bath bombs.  Although I really like the idea of them, it has been years since I used one.  I have a very vivid memory of one burning my skin when I was little and that was the last time one ever joined me in the tub.  I've always had … Continue reading Homemade Bath Bombs