Twenty-Sixteen Highlight Reel

Happy New Year Friends!

2016 was comparable to none. A year of great changes.  It was filled with love, learning and learning to love one another when we were not at our most loveable.   We learned that becoming new parents fills you with love and pride.  We also learned that becoming new parents drains both your physical and emotional self.  It forces you to lean on the one that you love and strengthens your bond.

Some of my favourite photos from the year.

Looking back on the year I can’t think of a top ten moment that doesn’t include Bauzley.

This has been the messiest, happiest time of my life.  Being a stay at home mom is basically like becoming the CEO of a company that you’ve never been trained to work at.  It’s your dream job, ideally you would be great at it… But you just don’t have all the qualifications.  The passion to learn is there though, so you just bullshit your way through it and hope no one notices.

Shortly after having Bauz, James and I were talking (unrelated to parenthood) about the 10,000 hour rule- do anything for 10,000 hours and you will achieve greatness.  I remember calculating that 10,000 hours was a bit over a year (actually that’s a lie if  you know me at all, you know that James calculated how long that was-math is miserable).  I remember feeling pleased, ” Well, there you go Rita.  You just have to stumble through this first year and it will click.  You’ll be great.”  Here we are at 10 months and I’m not so sure that I’ll achieve greatness quite that quickly. Haha. Nevertheless, it has been great. I didn’t know that seeing poop in a diaper would be so exciting or that bathing someone else could melt your heart.  I definitely didn’t appreciate the glory that is Netflix before nights of cluster feeding.

Motherhood is a crazy and beautiful thing.


Remember when I said messy?

The bathroom was supposed to be renovated pre-Bauz, I hadn’t showered in a few days and I’m very clearly covered in pee.  When I look at this picture though, I see the first time I was able to bathe Bauz alone.  No one helping me, no crying because I couldn’t pick up the baby tub due to having a C-section and no crying because I couldn’t lean over our tub due to a C-section.


So thanks 2016, for teaching us all more lessons than we can count.  I am thankful to have learned to celebrate small victories of the day to day.


That is my goal for 2017.

Give myself grace when I’ve had a bad day or felt like I failed as a wife and mother.  Give my partner grace when he needs it.  Most of all, be gracious when it is difficult or undeserved.


Cheers to 2017 being as amazing as 2016!

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