Picture Guide to a Dairy Free Diet

I know the title says picture guide, but it would be pretty weird if I chose not to write anything, don't you think? Bauzley was about five and a half months old when we solved the mystery of his ongoing sickness. He was suffering from serious belly pains, bloody diapers and a crazy amount of … Continue reading Picture Guide to a Dairy Free Diet

Sweet Potato Soup

This soup is my spirit animal.  Seriously.  I would eat it every single day, but I would probably turn orange and start to look like a potato.  The recipe is basically fool proof. It's sweet, savory and delicious! Following recipes is not my strong suit, I think cooking is more of an art than a science … Continue reading Sweet Potato Soup

Twenty-Sixteen Highlight Reel

Happy New Year Friends! 2016 was comparable to none. A year of great changes.  It was filled with love, learning and learning to love one another when we were not at our most loveable.   We learned that becoming new parents fills you with love and pride.  We also learned that becoming new parents drains both your physical and emotional self.  It … Continue reading Twenty-Sixteen Highlight Reel