Meet the Wee One


Bauzley James Sjouwerman

This kid is absolutely full of personality.  From day one I should have known that he would be the best kind of handful.  He has his daddy’s big, booming laugh and so far doesn’t seem to have an indoor voice.  He is full of shrieks and giggles, and if you offer him food that he can hold onto himself he will forever be your best friend.  Sleep is his arch nemesis, especially if it is not done in mom and dad’s bed.  More specifically, sleep is preferred tucked into mom’s arm.

Anyone who has kids has to understand that my list of cute and funny things about Bauz could go on for 1, 000 pages. So I’ll just finish it up by saying this…


We are incredibly blessed to have such a joyful little man in our lives!  He brightens every room that we walk into and I’m pretty sure that’s not just my mama pride talking… His personality truly is that big.


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