Hashtag Boy Mom: Edition 1

I've been wanting to blog about some of the hilarious things that happen when you become a mom to a boy. I haven't felt like there was a good space to do this because these moments don't always come with photos or long stories. BUT, they are some of the best and definitely the ones … Continue reading Hashtag Boy Mom: Edition 1

Studio Space Mood Board

I'm working on getting a space set up upstairs that I can sew, craft and blog in.  If you've ever been to our house, you know that there's a huge craft room downstairs.  I really put a lot of heart and soul into making that space usable when we moved in- it was a hot … Continue reading Studio Space Mood Board

Cottage Country 2017: Photo Journal

In the middle of July we headed to visit James' family in Ontario.  We had such a great trip and it was so much more fun this year getting to reintroduce Bauz to everyone with the big personality he has started to develop.  James family is large and welcoming and we usually spend most of … Continue reading Cottage Country 2017: Photo Journal

Ladybug Release

This week while I was on a mission to solve an aphid problem in my flower bed we ended up doing a really fun toddler activity- a ladybug release!  We have two virginia creepers which are large vines, they grow pretty fast and climb over whatever they are placed against. Last year we ended up … Continue reading Ladybug Release